Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Sun spots

Stanley Schmidt returned "Avatar". He said it was "pretty well written" but didn't have enough new ideas to warrant a purchase. I sent him "The Queen of Guilty Pleasures".

Challenging Destiny returned "Good Old Gal".

Ellen Datlow returned "VSA". She said it was an interesting alternate history, but didn't rise to a purchase. I'm sending her "Good Ol Gal".

Sheila Williams returned "The Silver Dollar Saucer". She said it was fun but implausible.

I sent "The Hideaway" to Alienskin and "Fermi's Fraternity" to ASIM.

Oh, the title of this entry: I recently started taking high blood pressure medicine. A couple of weeks ago, my forearms broke out in small red spots. They didn't itch, they burned. When I went to see the doctor Saturday, he said the medicine has caused photosensitivity. The spots are small blotches of sunburn.

Rather than change the medicine - which is working - I'm going to start using sunblock and wearing long-sleeved shirts more. Being a sports editor, I get out in the sun a lot.

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