Monday, April 18, 2005

Tulsa, here we come...

I've been invited to be a guest at Conestoga9 in Tulsa this July. That should be lots of fun. Jayme Blaschke, Brad Denton and Howard Waldrop - all people I've come to know and like since taking up this sf writing racket - are all going. We should be quite a posse. Visit their web site to learn more:

Get a load of this exchange off the Asimov's discussion board (the topic is the June issue):

By Gardner Dozois on Sunday, April 17, 2005 - 04:16 pm:

"The Little Goddess" is the first really good, award-level-quality story to appear in ASIMOV'S for the last twenty years that I didn't personally buy. I'm jealous! I want to have been the one who bought it! Obviously, though, I left the magazine in good hands.

By Tom Purdom on Sunday, April 17, 2005 - 11:24 pm:

That's amazing, Gardner. I automatically assumed the magazine was still using your backlog and you had bought it. There were several good stories in this issue but I felt "The Little Goddess" and the Kage Baker were perfect, first class examples of what a science fiction story should be.

By JTS on Monday, April 18, 2005 - 02:38 am:

Just out of curiosity, gardner what was the last story you bought as editor, has it appeared yet

By karl B on Monday, April 18, 2005 - 07:57 am:

Gardner: was there an average turnaround time between acceptance and publication when you were editor? Or was it strictly on a case-by-case basis?

By Lou Antonelli on Monday, April 18, 2005 - 11:26 am:

"Just out of curiosity, Gardner what was the last story you bought as editor, has it appeared yet?"

It's called "A Rocket for the Republic" and it is running in the September issue, according to Sheila. That means it will be out in July.

It was Gardner's last acceptance and my first pro sale. I'se done cashed the check, sent the bio and checked the galleys.

Lou Antonelli

By Gardner Dozois on Monday, April 18, 2005 - 12:47 pm:

Sheila has wisely been mixing her own new purchases with my backlog in every issue since the beginning of the year; so far, there have been two or three of her new purchases in every issue, with the rest taken up with stuff I'd bought before. I've enjoyed a number of her purchases before this, and most of them I probably would have bought myself, but "The Little Goddess" is the first one that's really knocked my socks off.

Baker's "Bad Machine" was from my inventory.

Karl, it was case-by-case, especially with the pro and semi-pro stuff.

Yes, Lou's "A Rocket for the Republic" was the last story I bought--I figured, hey, after buying THIS, the ne plus ultra of stories, the story of stories, there was no point in going on, and so I hung it up.

By Unconscious in Texas on Monday, April 18, 2005 - 01:04 pm:

**Lou faints**

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