Thursday, March 17, 2005

Another Change in Life

One of the things that came through as a result of my visit to the doctor Saturday - because of the normal kind of things they do when you check in - is that my blood pressure was high. The doc asked me to check it for a week and if it stayed high, to come back.

I've been checking it at a machine at a local pharmacy. The prospects are not good. It looks like it's staying high, so I will be going back to the doc and getting some blood pressure meds.

On a professional note, I got an e-mail from Sheila Williams at Asimov's. She initially had suggested my story would run in the Oct./Nov. double issue. But she said yesterday she has a slot for it that will work for September, so she's asked for my bio. I will e-mail it to her today.

She said I'll be in good company, the issue will include stories by Brian Aldiss and Fred Pohl. Wow!

Happy St. Patrick's Day. I'm wearing my "Honorary Irishman" badge.


  1. Sorry to hear about the high blood pressure, Lou. Hope the meds can rein it in.

    Got the chupacabra pic you sent. What's with all the sickly dog-things running around lately, anyway? I've decided to stop posting about them, though, for two reasons: 1) the google searches for chupacabra pics is simply destroying my bandwidth, with little else to show for it than inflated traffic stats, and 2) when you start getting cryptic emails from strangers that insinuate they've had intimate, carnal relations with said chupacabras, well, I think that should be taken as a sign!

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