Sunday, March 13, 2005

Anti-nelli Anti-biotics

Well, I got to the doc yesterday and his diagnosis was acute bronchitis. I pretty much knew that. I think the surprising thing is that he said it sounds like - from my symptoms from last week - that I actually had the flu and not the upper respiratory cold-type crud that most people have had. Interesting. I'm taking my antibiotics and slowly getting better.

I need to try to update my submissions log and see if there are stories that need to go out again. I haven't touched that stuff in two weeks. I got a letter in the mail from William F. Buckley, Jr. yesterday. I had told him about the story that ran in Bewildering Stories the week of Feb. 14 (Issue 135), "Won't You Come Home, Bill Buckley?". He said he tried to pull it up but couldn't, and asked if I'd send him a copy. I will.

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