Monday, March 21, 2005

The latest

Well, I'm on blood pressure medicine after my doctor's visit on Saturday. I'll keep checking my blood pressure to see if its going down. I will be going back to the doctor in a month.

I've also tightened up my diet because my blood sugar was starting to creep up.

Oh, science fiction! Well, a few recent developments. I got word that a story passed the first reading at Andromeda. That's always positive.

I've also finished the first draft of two stories and may be getting them off in the mail this week. One is 5,000 words (The Silver Dollar Saucer) and the other is 3,000 (The League of Dead Nations). For some reason, I really like "Saucer". I have the same good feeling I had when I sent "A Rocket for the Republic" off.

I had already taken a first stab at "League" when I visited with Howard Waldrop on March 4, and he liked the story. I might sent it to Howard for his feedback.

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