Friday, January 14, 2005

The return of John Travers

BTW, "Double Crossing the Styx" features the same character, John Travers, who is in the story "I Got You" that was published by Bewildering Stories in May 2004.

"Styx" is a prequel, however. It's clear from a reference to his upcoming posting to the Starship Jarvinen that it takes place before the events of "I Got You" - insofar as "I Got You" takes place on the Jarvinen and the story ends with the Jarvinen's destruction.

I got two acceptances today via e-mail. Jerry Wright at Bewildering Stories has picked up "Won't You Come Home, Bill Buckley?", and Jayme Blaschke at RevolutionSF has accepted "Dialogue".

And "Dialogue" is a prequel to the first story I ever had published at RevSF, "Silvern", which ran in June 2003. Blaschke noticed that.

I have to cover a pair of basketball games in a city 45 miles away. Yesterday morning my pickup got stuck in the mud in my yard when I was leaving for work, and I had some trouble getting it going. I had to place boards under the back wheels. While stumbling around the truck, I twisted my knee in the soft mud.
I'm really having trouble getting around, and I also have to cover an athletic event Saturday, a power-lifting meet.


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