Thursday, January 13, 2005

Nice Year So Fasr

Well, 2005 has gotten off to a fairly good start. I left 2004 with three checks all due to me - and they've all come in.
I got a small check from Alienskin mag for the flash piece, "They Call It Time", right after New Year, on Jan. 3. My check from Asimov's for the story they're running later this year. "A Rocket for the Republic", arrived last Saturday, Jan. 8. And I got the check from Continuum for my story, "Double Crossing the Styx", yesterday (Wednesday, Jan. 12).
All three payments are "firsts" of a kind. The Alienskin payment is the first money I ever got for a story, period The Asimov's check is the first pro payment. The Continuum piece is the first story that's actually debuted in a print publication.
Total for all three: $265. Unfortunately, I had to use some of the money to visit a local doctor on Tuesday. I had a cold starting in December, and by the new year I think the cold pretty much cleared up, but I'm afraid it left behind some respiratory irritation.
Monday while I was having lunch with my wife, I started to choke while I was talking, like I was having throat and chest spasms. That night when I came home after shooting a basketball game, I had a vicious coughing fit there I almost had trouble breathing.
I saw the doctor Tuesday morning. The diagnosis is bronchitis. He have me antibiotics and said I should still take my regular cold medicine.
I need to get back to writing, I've got story ideas and outlines piling up.
Continuum sent three authors' copies of the magazine - first time I've seen that.
Hopefully the antibiotics will clear the chest up and I'll be back to my old cantankerous self soon.

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