Saturday, January 19, 2019

Maybe some other day

Some of my friends out there know I am a member of the SFWA. I decided this year to maybe try for a spot on the Board of Directors, and with the retirement of Cat Rambo I thought I'd run for President.

No dice. Not only am I not eligible to run for President, I can't be a member of the board at all, because there's a gap in my membership. Oh, well.

It's the responsibility of the group's executive director to certify eligibility of a candidate for the elections committee. I'll just cut and paste the response here:

"Dear Mr. Antonelli,

"Thank you for being willing to run for office. Unfortunately, your membership lapsed in the last two years which makes you ineligible to run for the board. Additionally, you would need to have previously served on the board in some capacity to engage a run for President.


"Kate Baker
"Executive Director"

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