Tuesday, September 25, 2018

My Fencon panels

I had a great time at Fencon this past weekend. I had a good schedule and all the panels went great.

I wasn’t given any programming on Friday, which worked out fine. I spent Friday at my office as normal (remember, I am self-employed) and then Patricia and I drove into Dallas Saturday and stayed overnight.

I was the moderator for my first panel, on the Founding Mothers and Fathers of Science Fiction. There was a good turnout of 20 people, and all the panelists were there except Lillian Stewart Carl. I ran into her beforehand and she begged off, saying her allergies were killing her and she was losing her voice. Myself and the others – Dean Anderson, Ethan Nahte and Seth Skorkowsky – did an good job, at least from the response from the audience.

Alexi Glynn Latner moderated the panel on Distant Shores. John DeLaughter was absent, but we were joined by Karl Gallagher and Dave Schroeder. The audience was even larger, and again, everyone seemed to enjoy it.

My last panel of the convention, How Authors Predicted the Future, was the highlight for me, as I got to sit with and next to Larry Niven. The other panelists were Moderator Tim Morgan and Dean Anderson again. The place was packed and again, a great panel.

Thanks to a great bunch of panelists!

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