Sunday, September 23, 2018

He asked ME to sign it!

Had a great time at Fencon Saturday and Sunday. I presented Guest of Honor Larry Niven with a hard copy of my Dragon-nominated alternate history "Another Girl, Another Planet". Larry read it in 2016 and loved it, giving me a neat cover blurb.

I met him at the first Fencon in 2004. I would have sent Larry a published copy of the book earlier, but when I learned he was returning to Fencon this year as GOH again, I wanted to present it in person.

When I first met Larry in 2004, I told him I just had a story accepted by Gardner Dozois for Asimov's, and it was my first pro sale.

He quipped, "I bet you hope it isn't you last pro sale!"

Thankfully, it wasn't, but "A Rocket for the Republic" remains my only sale to Asimov's.

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  1. Sweet! I was at that first Fencon. Wish I could have made this one.


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