Thursday, January 04, 2018

Lead story on the front page of today's local newspaper:

A new year, and new owners; The Clarksville Times is sold

The New Year rings in a changing of the guard at The Clarksville Times, as owner Red River Media on Monday approved a sales agreement for the 145-year old newspaper.

Robert L. Palmer of Red River Media states The Times is being sold to a new locally-based corporation formed by Louis and Patricia Antonelli of Clarksville.

Palmer met at The Times office on New Year’s Day to sanction the agreement with the Antonellis which will be concluded in the near future. The new owner of the newspaper will be New Clarksville Times Publishing, with Louis and Patricia Antonelli as the partners.

Red River Media has owned The Clarksville Times since 1977, when it was bought from Jimmy Hurt of Clarksville, who owned it for 30 years before that.

Palmer said “We’ve enjoyed the long and fruitful association with Clarksville and Red River County. We are grateful for the community support over the years.”

“We are very proud of the high standard of community journalism that has been the trademark of The Times and have every expectation that Lou Antonelli will maintain the same tradition,” continued Palmer. “He’s an experienced journalist with four decades in the business, and has done a superb job as managing editor of the paper for the past three years.”

Lou Antonelli stated, “I’ve enjoyed working and living in Clarksville, and I jumped at the chance to take the reins of The Times. It’s a great responsibility, running a paper that goes back to Reconstruction Era, and has had only two owners in 70 years, but I believe I have the experience and attitude to make The Times even bigger and better than it is now.

“I plan to do that, with the continued advice and support of the citizens of Clarksville,” he said.
Lou Antonelli and all the other employees of The Times will stay in their current positions. Patricia Antonelli will be the manager of New Clarksville Times Publishing LLC.

“We plan to hold a community-wide Open House at the newspaper as soon as the dust settles,” said Patricia. “Everyone will be welcome. Keep an eye out for the announcement!”


  1. Yoiks!

    Congratulations and goos luck!

  2. That should be good luck. Gotta stop commenting from the phone.


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