Sunday, January 22, 2017

Just do it

For those people who are making a specific effort to read stories from 2016 with an eye towards making nominations for various awards, I link here to my story "The Yellow Flag" which was published by Sci-Phi Journal in August.

This is the story I wrote one afternoon in May 2015. It went from start to acceptance in four hours.

Now I'm not claiming it's the best story I've ever written - because I've written like 140 and with 104 already published - but it's decent, and more importantly I'd like to think it might encourage aspiring writers who despair as they stare at the Cold White Screen of Doom.

You know, it's like the sneaker company slogan "Just do it." Plunk butt in chair, lay hands on keyboard, and see what happens. Unless you hurt yourself typing (highly unlikely) or you write something so turgid your discourage yourself (never be afraid to hit "delete"), then you will have accomplished something.

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