Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Well, this is a new one...

A few months ago I saw that that the DragonCon alternate history track was seeking panel proposals. I jumped at the chance to suggest a topic near and dear to my heart, Secret History, and I submitted a proposal for a panel to be called "Secret History: Bet You Didn't Know It Happened That Way".

That was the last time I thought about it, I never heard anything else - until yesterday.

When I got my panel confirmation.

I never got an invite to be a panelist at DragonCon, and I never bought a membership. I went to five cons between April and July, so I was pretty full up with cons, and never really thought about DragonCon (I've never been there).

I'm proud to have helped come up with a panel topic, but I've sent my regrets.

The panel will be held at America's Mart 204-Room J (4th Floor Monday at 1:00pm (last panel of the Con for that room).

I'm glad to have helped in some small way!

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  1. I volunteer to take your place! :)


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