Sunday, February 21, 2016

I wonder whatever happened to the club Spit in Levittown?

Back in 1984, I was 27, single and living in Manhattan. I decided I needed a change in scenery and decided I was going to move to Texas. As the year was closing out I was packing up, and while I was puttering around my apartment I had my favorite radio station on.

It suddenly struck me that I was going to miss WLIR, and then I had an idea. They were doing a countdown of the Top 100 alternate rock/New Wave music of 1984 on New Year's Eve. I grabbed a handful of cassette tapes and recorded it all.

It took five cassettes, but it was worth it. I still have them. This weekend I picked up a vintage Panasonic compact audio system and so I have stereo tape player to play them.

It's great stuff, and the commercials are a hoot, also.

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