Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"Another Girl, Another Planet" sold to WordFire Press

Last Friday I posted on Facebook that I had gotten some really good news, and I advised everyone to stay tuned. I can announce that good news now.

I have signed a contract with WordFire Press to publish my retro-futurist alternate history novel "Another Girl, Another Planet". After 95 short story publications, I am finally committing novel.

Thanks to Publisher Kevin J. Anderson and Acquisitions Editor Dave Butler for having faith in me. I think everyone is going to enjoy "Another Girl, Another Planet", and I'm proud to become a WordPress author.

I'll keep everyone posted as we move towards scheduling a publication date. The esteemed Bryan Thomas Schmidt is developmental editor. Meanwhile, as we say in Texas, "YEE-HAW!!!"

What is retro-futurist alternate history, you might ask?

Well, I use "futurist" to describe the way society viewed the science fiction future - in the case of "Another Girl, Another Planet", the setting is what someone after World War II MIGHT have thought the space program would look in 1985. But since now 1985 is 30 years in the past, it becomes "retro".

By definition, it is alternate history, because the story takes place in a past that never happened.

WordFire Press Acquisitions Editor Dave Butler describes "Another Girl, Another Planet" as a "Heinleinian / retro-futurist / coldwarpunk story of politics, espionage, and murder on the Red Planet," adding "In this story, the US colonizes the moon under the leadership of Heinlein."

"Another Girl, Another Planet" is one of Butler's first acquisitions since he took his current post on Feb. 19. A mid-size new-model publisher, WordFire Press continues to develop and release fiction from an impressive stable of authors and creators.

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  1. Looking forward to this one. Congratulations!


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