Sunday, September 13, 2015

The end of the convention season

I went to seven science fiction conventions this year - ConDFW in Dallas in February, RavenCon in Richmond, Virginia, in April, ConQuest in Kansas City in May, SoonerCon in Oklahoma City and ApolloCon in Houston in June, ArmadiloCon in Austin in August, and Sasquan in Spokane in August.

I enjoyed them all, especially the ones I attended for the first time - RavenCon and ConQuest - except for Sasquan. That was ruined for me because of the Sad Puppies controversy, but that's all (polluted) water under the bridge.

That's the most conventions I've done in one year, and that' all for this year. I made a decision to skip any events after Labor Day - I will not be at FenCon in Dallas, which is coming up Sept. 25-27.
If I travel out of state this fall, it will be for a 40th high school reunion in Massachusetts.

I doubt I will go to nearly that many conventions in 2016, but I have received an invite already, so I know there will probably be at least one.

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