Monday, June 08, 2015

The early voters

Every day I see another hateful "review" of stories by myself and fellow Sad Puppies on some blog. What makes me chuckle is how the drumbeat of prejudice continues, but - and anyone who had ever been involved in an election knows - the voters left are probably the undecideds.

You see, in any election, the diehards and extreme partisans will always be the ones to vote early, because their minds are already made up. They know how they are going to vote, and nothing will dissuade them. Most of the Puppy Kicker ballots have already been cast.

The people left are those who are undecided and/or willing to make up their own minds. The Puppy Kickers who are still ranting on the web are shouting in an empty theater.

I suspect, the "reviews" being as biased and bitter as they are, that most reasonable people are now being repelled by these screeds. The other comments are not helping, either. David Gerrold has become a tedious scold. Attacks, such as the one by Irene Gallo of Tor books which came to light recently, only create sympathy for Sad Puppies.

Neither side has covered itself in glory, but from what I see, when Sad Puppies have behaved badly, it is because they have been viciously and unfairly attacked. It's a defensive reaction. I am the first to admit that, if you insult and attack me, it's quite possible I'll lose my temper. I'm Italian, remember?

On the other hand, I get the impression most of the viciousness from the Puppy Kickers has been cold-blooded and heartless. Given the choice between wearing my heart on my sleeve, and not having a heart at all, I'll take my chances with losing my temper - and being hurt - by keeping my heart.

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