Sunday, June 07, 2015

Ahh, the beat goes on...

I posted a version of this screen grab Saturday, but I deleted the thread later because I had to go to work and I did not want the discussion exploding while I was away.

I have since found a larger screen grab which shows some context to the comment.

There have been assertions in other locales that Gallo's comments are libelous. They're brutal, obnoxious and hateful , but trust me - as a journalist, I know whereof I speak - they are not libelous.
In the U.S. libel is a civil suit. She did not cite names in her post, so there is no one with standing to sue for libel.

It's protected free speech opinion. Now - as many people have noted in the past in other contexts - being able to exercise your right to free speech doesn't mean you are protected from ramifications. The government is barred from stifling your free speech, but individuals can exercise THEIR right to tell you what they think of what you said.

I think a lot of people are wondering what is going on with Tor publishing, but that's another - although related - subject.

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