Thursday, July 03, 2014

Cut by half

At the start of the year the was the prospect that I might attend as many as eight conventions this year, but fate conspired to cut that number in half. The possibility of going to DetCon the NASFIC in Detroit and LonCon the World Con in London were eliminated when I lost my paid vacation days due to a corporate ownership change.

My plans to attend GalaxyFest in Colorado Springs and ApolloCon in Houston were thwarted because they conflicted with Con DFW in Dallas and SoonerCon in Oklahoma City.

So the only other cons I have scheduled for this year our ArmadilloCon in Austin next month and FenCon in Dallas in September. In both cases I will only be able to attend Saturday and Sunday because I have no paid vacation days for the time being.

I have already received my invite to participate in GalaxyFest next February, and have accepted. It will not conflict with ConDFW next year.

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