Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Back from Soonercon

That's me moderating the Sunday panel on "Disclaimers for Daydreamers" I'm at the far end, with (from left), Julia Mandala, Mike Kennedy and Mark Alfred.
Had a great time at SoonerCon this past weekend. Because of time constraints, I could only participate Saturday and Sunday, but I still got in six panels and a signing.

I was amazed to see almost all panelists at all the panels I was on. Attendance was excellent. My signing went well and I sold over half of my current stockpile of books.

One nice thing about this convention was that my wife Patricia came with me. It wasn't that much of an exertion being basically an overnight stay. It was pretty funny to hear more than one person greet her by saying "Oh, you DO exist!"

My wife is a fastidious dresser, which resulted in her being — to the best my knowledge — the only person at the con Saturday wearing pearls. I caught a few glances from cosplayers who obviously wondered "I wonder WHO she is?"

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  1. Hey Lou, it was wonderful having you at SoonerCon! I was thrilled to sit with you on the panel you pictured, "Disclaimers for Daydreams." Two things: in the caption for the photo, please correct my last name from "Allen" to "Alfred"; and, if you wish to share the link, I've post all of those silly signs from the panel at . Once again, it was great to meet and talk with you! -- Mark Alfred, SoonerCon


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