Friday, March 14, 2014


Well I had to do something Thursday that I hadn't done before really and it was unfriend someone on Facebook for a nonpolitical reason. The past few times I've unfriended anyone it was because they posted personal political opinions that I found so obnoxious that I did want to read their posts. Obviously these weren't close friends or else I would've already known that personal opinions.

However one Facebook Friend kept doing something I found it inappropriate. I post updates on my Facebook wall of how my writing is going -I think some people find it interesting -but every time I posted some update of my writing this guy would one up me to make some comment about his writing and how much he was writing. He was essentially using my Facebook postings for his self-promotion. I don't think it was malicious, from what I can tell he's just an Uber geek. I basically felt this was inappropriate and if he doesn't know what the problem with that is well that's his problem and I unfriended him.

Update: I think taking this action has helped. I posted on Facebook today about the completion of my latest story and I got 16 comments and 18 likes, which is more than usual. In the past it seemed this person's propensity to respond with some kind of self promotion after each comment stifled the thread. I mean, why post a comment when somebody's going to respond right back at you and their new own writing skills?
A few people have commented about their own writing output, but the not as methodically as this one person I removed from my friends list.

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