Saturday, March 15, 2014

Con conflicts

One unusual development this year is that there are two cases where conventions I have attended in the past have moved to fall on the same weekend. As a result I've had to turn down two invitations to be a panelist..

Last year I attended Galaxy Fest in Colorado Springs and ConDFW in Dallas on two successive weekends in February. This year they were both held the weekend of February 21-23rd. I regret having to turn down Galaxt Fest, but I really felt I needed to participate in the Dallas convention.

I have the same problem in June when both Soonercon in Oklahoma City and Apollocon in Houston are being held on the same weekend. In this case I turned down Apollo con — despite it being a Texas convention – because Oklahoma City is actually closer to me than Houston and I have some closer ties to people in Oklahoma City. But I really really wish I could go to Apollocon also.

1 comment:

  1. I've never made Soonercon and Apollocon only once. You would think conventions in adjacent states would try to avoid the same weekend.


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