Friday, February 07, 2014

On Clarion

The registration for the Clarion workshops are open now. One author on the SFWA web site made a long post about how great it is. I would have posted a reply to it, but really, any time anyone says anything on the SFWA forums, they get attacked. I mean, it's impossible to tell what will set some assholes off, so rather than tippy toe on eggshells I avoid commenting.

My thinking on the Clarion workshop is that it sounds wonderful. spectacular, fantabulous. I'm sure it's great, and I'm sure it's worth every nanosecond.

My only thought is that, from a personal perspective, having been born in a poor working class family, and having had to work for a living all my life - even while in college -  the last time I had six weeks off during the summer to attend a workshop was 1972, when I was 15.

I've worked full-time ever since then. I literally cannot think of a time since Nixon was president that I could have taken six weeks off for anything.

As for writing, I got by with reading the good old stuff - Heinlein, Asimov, Bester - and such, and overtime I seem to have picked up a few tricks along the way.

It must be nice to have rich parents or be independently wealthy or have government support to take six weeks off to attend a workshop. But I wouldn't know.


  1. Pretty much my thoughts as well.

  2. Hey, did you get my book?

  3. I've wondered this myself about Clarion and other long-term workshops.


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