Sunday, February 09, 2014

Latest book signing

Had a nice book signing yesterday (Saturday) at the local library. It's only open four hours on Saturdays, but I sold seven books from 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. My wife came along and helped with the transactions. This sold out my original shipment of 20 books I got a few weeks ago; thankfully, I ordered another 15 and they arrived this past week, so I have books for ConDFW Feb. 21-23.

I had signings last weekend in Longview and the Saturday before that in Mount Pleasant - both at the local Hastings - so that's three weekends in a row I'v peddled books. I will take next weekend off before ConDFW.

One funny side note: At one point while at the library I told my wife I was going to get a drink at the water "bubbler" and she said she'd never heard a water fountain called that. I checked with Wikipedia, and it notes "bubbler" is the common term in only two places in the U.S., southern and eastern Wisconsin and in Rhode Island and eastern Massachusetts. I grew up in Eastern Massachusetts between Boston and Providence. I think it's funny 29 years after moving to Texas some snippets of old dialect still linger.

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