Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lone Star Con bound

You would think when the decision was made to hold the the World Science Fiction convention for 2013 in San Antonio I would have been happy, but the reverse was the case. The Texas s-f literary clique, based in Austin, doesn't like me very much. It's nothing personal, they don't like anybody who admits to being a Christian or not voting for Obama. Like the s-f literary community in general, they engage in political correctness that ranges from the simply snobbish and abusive to blood-curdling Khmer Rouge revolutionary socialism.

Last year, when I didn't get included in the anthology that is being published in conjunction with the convention (I don't want to hash over the details again; suffice to say, it was obvious from the start I wasn't going to be admitted to the clubhouse) I pretty much saw the handwriting on the wall and realized I wouldn't get invited to the convention as a panelist. My communications with the con were spotty, at best; for the longest time they didn't even have my name spelled right on the list of registrants.

Earlier this year, I saw signs of life, and after I was contacted by the membership chairman the spelling of my name was corrected. But I didn't think anything else about the convention and I assumed I wouldn't be going. However, in April, I was actually emailed a questionnaire and invitation.

Although I don't have many friends in literary science fiction, I have a few, and I know a number of people who will be going. S-F means a lot more to them than it does to me; my writing is old-fashioned and traditionalist, and I spend very little time writing. I know some people think that can't be true because of the frequency of my publications, but because of my day job as a journalist I can write publishable material very quickly.

I have some small role in the s-f scene, and I felt I would be a hypocrite if I didn't try to help if offered the opportunity, so I completed the questionnaire and said I would be willing to be a panelist. I see as of the latest update on the Lone Star Con - done on June 5th - I am listed a a panelist. My name is even spelled correctly and it has a link to this web site.

So I have laid plans to attend. I suppose as large a convention as it is - and as large and nice a place San Antonio is - I should be able to stay out of the way of trouble. Barring unforeseen circumstances - which can always erupt at a newspaper - I will be taking a four-day break on the Labor Day weekend, Thursday through Sunday, to attend.

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