Sunday, June 09, 2013

Latest sale

Just sold another story, this time to Carol Hightshoe at The Lorelei Signal, who will publish "Bindlestiff's Daughter" in the October 2013 issue. I got the acceptance and the contract in email Saturday night.

The Lorelei Signal is a web based magazine dedicated to featuring strong female characters in Fantasy short stories. In "Bindlestiff's Daughter" I made an effort to stretch a bit and write a story with a strong and assertive female protagonist.

"Bindlestiff's Daughter" will also be published in November in Mystic Signals, which is a print publication that includes all of the stories published in The Lorelei Signal and Sorcercous Signals, both products of Woilfsinger Productions.

As currently scheduled, this will be my 7th publication in 2013, my 82nd since June 2003.

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