Monday, July 16, 2012

Hearing from an old friend

Earlier this year I read a story online on the web site of the Massachusetts paper in the town I grew up in about one of my high school English teachers who was taking retirement. I graduated from high school 37 years ago, so I think she was the last of my teachers to retire.

I sent her a copy of "Fantastic Texas" as a retirement present, for when she had some time on her hands, and wrote in it, "I bet you thought I didn't pay attention in class!" I believe I took a class in Creative Writing.

I got a nice thank you card in the mail today. She wrote that now that the school year is over and she has no more papers to grade, she started reading my stories. She was very complimentary.

She noted that while she has retired from most of her classes, she will still be teaching journalism. The next timer I visit my childhood home (Rockland, Massachusetts) I will have to drop in.

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