Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cons to the left of me, cons to the right of me

It's kinda funny this weekend, that ComicCon was going on on the West Coast and ReaderCon was on the East Coast. I'm sure if I had a teleporter and dropped into either one, I would have run into a lot of people I already know and have met at other cons, but honestly, I hate to travel and I was quite happy to stay put.

John Teehan had a table for his Merry Blacksmith Press at ReaderCon, and he had copies of "Texas & Other Planets" for sale. Here is a photo I copied from his Facebook page.

The incorporation papers for SASS (Society for the Advancement of Speculative Storytelling) have been drawn up and are being checked by the interim officers. After they are filed and approved, we can move towards going public and taking paid memberships. I'm very happy how this new writers' group has moved forward. It will fill a vital niche for aspiring, newbie, semi-pro and casual writers. As someone who has official status as a pro - as least as defined by the SFWA - but who is a casual writer with a real job, it will be nice to have a genre home.

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