Monday, April 09, 2012

Feedback on "The Centurion and the Rainman".

I don't know that Buzzy Mag's fiction has been reviewed anywhere as yet, but the comments that have been posted on the web site about my story have been very heartening:

Phil Einhorn: Will we be be seeing more of Doncard? It appears he just got this new job:) Honestly, I enjoyed the story and feel it is an introduction to life in Magtown. I liked it.

T. Glenn Bane: I love hard boiled cop dramas. You have hit a neo-noir/pulp vibe that I enjoy. Good Stuff.

John Thiel: A good picture of magic oozing loose.

Yolanda Rose: The take on autism is nice. Reminds me of an old classic SF novel where the Earth was coming out of a dampening field and intelligence gets raised so that many animals became sentient and very low functioning retarded people became geniuses.

Theresa Bane: This was a really enjoyable read. you really captured that cop drama. Wonderfully written and I hope to see more.

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