Tuesday, November 01, 2011

"The Z Word"

I've been invited to submit an essay on my opinion of the sub genre of zombie writing for a book, with special emphasis on writers delving into the subject of zombies. Considering that "Good News for the Dead" is the only zombie story I've ever written, I'd say I fit that bill.

Part of the pitch was "I'm only asking a few, select authors that I admire and read (like yourself) before asking more authors."

Well, I'm flattered.

"The stated goal is to release a quality but cheaply priced (99 cent eBook, break-even pricing if we go to print) to get it out there and get people interested in seeing what authors have to say about the sub genre, and also as a way to introduce you to fans who might not know you yet or are new to reading about zombies."

I'm good with that. I am working on the essay, which can be up to 2.500 words, this week. I already have the title, obviously, that line from "Good News" about "the Z Word."

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