Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Off to the slush pile

I took the flash I typed on the Sunday of FenCon, "Wet and Wild", and run it through OCR software so I could make a Word file of it. I might have subbed it as is - the way "The Stinky Men" is circulating (and Chris Garcia has "The Quantum Gunman" for Drink Tank) - but honestly the ribbon was getting too faint (it was the ribbon on the typewriter when I bought it, so God knows how old it was).

It's only 520 words. I sent it to Gordon at F&SF, since he looks at stuff and returns it quickly if he doesn't want it. I DID type the cover letter - since I've bought a new ribbon.

I expect I'll type a story while at Contraflow, too. Since my reading is the last thing I do, maybe I'll try what I did at ArmadilloCon and type an original story for the reading.

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