Wednesday, September 14, 2011

FenCon schedule

I've gotten my schedule for FenCon in Dallas, which is coming up Sept. 23-25. When I got the first version, I had a problem with some of the scheduling, so I got back to the planners, and they made a nice switch that leaves me very satisfied. I have three panels in three days, which leaves lots of time for enjoying Dallas and genre chums. Here are my panels:

Friday 10:00 PM Live Oak This is not the Liar's Panel Description: Tall tales that may or may not be true. Once the door closes, don't believe anything you hear! Especially the part about the cake.Panelists: L. Antonelli , R. Clement-Moore , B. Denton , S. Wedel , C. Garcia *

Saturday 2:00 PM Addison Lecture Hall How to Build a Scientist Description: Need a brainiac scientist for your science fiction story? Most of our panelists are honest-to-pete card-carrying scientists, who will discuss the realities of living a life of science. Find out what drives their research: Grant money? Tenure? Curiosity? Peer pressure? Panelists: L. Antonelli , G. Carriger , L. Johnson , A. Latner , S. Padget

Sunday 11:00 AM Live Oak Don't Touch That Artifact! (M) Description: Warehouse 13 is one of the hottest shows on Syfy. What makes it so engaging? Come listen as our panelists discuss the antics of Myka, Pete, Claudia, Jinxie, and Artie and their efforts to corral the most powerful objects in the world. Panelists: A. Ables , M. Bardsley , R. Clement-Moore , L. Antonelli*

The asterisks denote the moderators, so you can see I will be moderating the panel on Warehouse 13, which I will really enjoy.

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