Saturday, July 02, 2011

"Music for Four Hands"

Sent off the list of galley corrections to Lynn Stranathan at Yard Dog Press for the upcoming chapbook "Music for Four Hands". The publication date is currently set for Sept. 1 Lynn said my list was "awesome" and Ed Morris - my collaborator - said my list was "perfect". I hope so, but I know from hard experience typos always creep into print. The goal is to make them look innocuous and harmless instead of stupid and careless.

"Music for Four Hands" is made up of four stories written my Ed and Myself:

* “Off the Hook” was published in Dark Recesses, Dec. 2007
* “Acroscaphe” was published in Planetary Stories, Jan. 2009
* “Stairway to Heaven” was published in Encounters, Nov. 2009
* “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” was published in The Fifth Dimension, Dec. 2009

We have blurbs from Joe Lansdale and Howard Waldrop: Joe said "Outstanding and unexpected tales that grip the imagination and twist it's tale." Howard's take was "This swell collection of four 2-handed stories has all the hallmarks of the best collaborative work: it doesn’t read like, nor is the subject matter, like either writer’s usual concerns.”

Needless to say, Edward and I are thrilled and look forward to its release.

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  1. Yay! All four stories are absolutely fantastic! Glad to hear you've got a publication date. I had fun working on the cover.


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