Friday, July 29, 2011

"The Goddess of Bleecker Street"

Ironically, on the day "Cowboys & Aliens" come outs, a story of mine which is completely different from anything weird or westerly I've ever writen gets published. The ezine Kalkion has published my short story "The Goddess of "Bleecker Street", a story in the form of a dialogue between a newspaper editor (it's amazing how many of my stories feature characters who are newspaper editors) and a woman who says she is now God - and wants to recruit him to join her pantheon. This story is pretty much a big horselaugh on the Singularity concept.

This is the 57th story I've had published since July 2003.

Here's a little background on Kalkion from its web site:

"Kalkion is a Literature & Science Fiction web-magazine. It is a collaborative effort of passionate writers who have come together for a noble cause. We publish mainstream literature as well as genre literature such as Science Fiction. The most important goal we have in mind is to publish aspiring as well as established writers. While we publish established and known writers we also encourage the new talent which can carry the baton to the next generation of SF writers. We are also creating an atmosphere of community where our editors will make efforts to work with the writers and improve upon their stories.

On Behalf Of Team Kalkion
Swapnil BhartiyaF
ounder, Publisher and Editor-In-Chief
Kalkion Group Websites

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