Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens

Called Howard Waldrop Tuesday. I wanted to check to see if he and Lawrence Person will be going to see "Cowboys and Aliens" when it opens Friday. They will be, and they will review it for Locus On-line.

I learned that while he was ReaderCon recently he had trouble reading, and when he got back home the VA health people told him he's got some bleeding going on. He will be having some laser treatment Friday - and then going to see the movie.

Howard said the doctors found some "dead spots" on his retinas, apparently a side effect of diabetes. The laser treatment will stop the bleeding and prevent any more damage.

Hope it all goes well. It's great that Howard served a stint in the Army during the Vietnam Era and now has VA health benefits.

We chatted a bit about George R.R. Martin. Howard and George are contemporaries - Howard said George and he sold their first stories within a month of each other. Howard visited with George at ReaderCon; he said George had a signing the Thursday before the con at the Barnes & Noble in Burlington and peddled 1,600 copies of his latest book.

Back in 2006 Howard introduced me to Martin at Conestoga in Tulsa.

I told Howard if "Cowboys and Aliens" does big box office, he will make a fortune off "The Night of the Cooters". He said if the movie does well, Hollywood will think "Cooters" is a knock off (not bothering to note the copyright is 1985) and if the movies tanks, they will think he's writing in a dead genre.

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  1. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Whether a movie fails or succeeds often has little to do with it’s quality. However, in the case of Cowboys & Aliens, if the movie does poorly it’s not for a lack of quality. Still, just a few days ago, David Letterman ripped the idea as “stupid” on his TV show, even though he did not appear to have seen it. I’ve been dealing with this mentality for years. It’s nothing new. What is amazing is how rare a truly well made big budget weird western movie is. And this one is completely awesome.

    David B. Riley
    Science Fiction Trails


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