Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gettng ready for ConDFW

Got a last minute reminder that I had forgotten to complete the questionnaire for this year's ConDFW, which will be in Dallas Feb. 18-20. Turned it back in. It's hard to believe my first con of the year is less than a month away.

Dropped a copy of "Texas & Other Planets" in the mail to Howard Waldrop, and used the occasion to call him and get caught up. I stuck a couple of photos inside the book of myself with Paul DiFillipo when I visited Rhode Island last November. Howard will see Paul next spring when he goes to Boston for ReaderCon.

Received an invite to speak at the August meeting of the New Boston Friends of the Library. I visited there last August. I was the editor of the paper in New Boston from 2005 to 2007.

Got back vital notes from beta reading of "Passport to Pleasantville". Resolved a plot problem in "Tell Gilgamesh I'm Sorry" and came up with a crucial plot twist in the what will probably be the next story, "She Melted in my Arms". All three stories are set in the same post-apocalyptic post-singularity world, but in different places and with different people.

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