Monday, November 01, 2010

GUD arrives

I received my complimentary author's copy of GUD in the mail today. I must admit, it's one of the best looking spec fic publications I've ever been in. It's 200 pages of all varieties of s-f and fantasy. You need to get yourself a copy. It strikes me as a publication you'd want to give a friend to show them what's going on in the genre today. It's tight, well-printed, and full of great stories.

Of course, I'm proud of my story, "Dispatches from the Troubles". It's unique among my alternate histories, and the longest thing I've ever had printed - at over 11,000 words, my first novelette.

"Dispatches" is the longest story in this issue at 35 pages, but I like to think it flies by, using the newspaper article format. It is also the finale in my upcoming collection, "Texas and Other Planets".

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