Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Small victories

Since last Friday I have been battling my annual late summer allergy attack; by Monday my ears were so congested I couldn't talk to anyone on my cell phone or my cordless phone. It was this annual event three years ago that - raging out of control - led to my collapse and being rushed to the emergency room at NASFIC while I was in St. Louis.

Since then, I have learned to keep on top of the problem (in 2007, the problem was the ear congestion turned into an inner ear infection). I have been doing that again this year, with good results. Tonight my left ear popped.

Let's be thankful for small victories.

On another subject. I sent off my signed copy for the contract for the "28th Dimension" anthology in the mail, and I got David Riley's copy of his review of "Fantastic Texas" he wrote up for the current issue of Tales of the Talisman. Still have to read it.

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