Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Nice call

I think I mentioned at some point the original working title of "The Fontane Sisters are Dead" was "Golem Gal, Won't You Come Out Tonight" but that was quickly discarded at too hokey.

Another candidate title was "Hearts Made of Stone" but my instincts told me there would would also not be a good choice.

I learned today through John DeNardo's SFSignal that Norilina Books has posted the table of contents of the anthology "Warrior Wisewoman 3" edited by Roby James, and the second story in the book is called "Heart of Stone" by Joel Richards.

I knew "Hearts Made of Stone" would be too easily confused title.

Both earlier titles leave fossils in "Fontane Sisters". The story's protag, Joe DeNardo (now where did I get that surname?) calls the creature "Golem Gal" a couple of times in the story, and the song itself gets heavy airplay, not only for its appropriateness but because it fixes the time frame of the story (early 1955).

Patricia had warned me that if I belt out "Hearts Made of Stone" at home one more time she will assassinate me...

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