Monday, June 14, 2010


While in Marshall Saturday, people mentioned that the local paper, the Marshall News-Messenger, had run an item about my visit the day before, so thanks go to Managing Editor DD Turner for using what I sent ahead.

Last week the weekly paper in the town I grew up in - Rockland, Massachusetts - also ran my news release. Today the local daily paper, the Brockton Enterprise, did the same. Here's a link to the web page:

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  1. Well this is how I found your book. Saw the title and that was it since I happen to spend some time in Texas thanks to an over priced condo in Galveston I can't sell. I usually read the Enterprise in three minutes but that title grabbed me and I read mostly S-F.

    Also am a Whitman boy living in Middleboro and that is another connection.

    A final one may be Matt Antonelli since I am a Red Sox nut following the Sox on the road right now and wondering if you are related to Matt - a local kid - or Johnny Antonelli who played years ago.

    Reading fantastic combines good stories with little things that pop up from Whataburger to Padre Island.

    I'll probably look at your other stuff ASAP.

    And don't be a cheap bastard and buy a laptop! Also...why Dallas? Gawd awful place to me since I love Hill Country.



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