Friday, January 01, 2010

The eagle has landed!

"Fantastic Texas" has been published. First, this item from SF Scope:

Fantastic Books hires SFScope editor as new publisher
By Kit Hawkins December 30, 2009

"At the beginning of this year, Warren Lapine returned to sf in a big way, setting up Tir Na Nog Press, launching Fantastic Books (as an imprint of his Wilder Publications), and planning the launch of Fantastic Stories. Almost immediately thereafter, he purchased Realms of Fantasy, announced the indefinite delay of Fantastic Stories, hired several acquiring editors for Fantastic Books, and, he tells SFScope, found himself swamped.

"Recently, he's begun delegating some of his burgeoning responsibilities, in order to keep all the pieces of his new publishing empire running properly. Last month, Douglas Cohen was promoted to Editor of Realms, taking over most of Lapine's responsibilities for the day-to-day operation of the magazine, and now he’s handed over the reins of Fantastic Books to SFScope Editor Ian Randal Strock.

"Starting immediately, Strock will be working with the other acquiring editors, and will have responsibility for the layout, design, and covers of all Fantastic Books. Strock has already completed work on several of the books that were caught up in the work overload. He'll continue to work with the other editors to see that every title already contracted for is given the attention it deserves, and is published properly as soon as possible.

"Lapine said "I chose Ian because I've worked with him in the past and he's the person I trust more than anyone else to run with it."

"Strock emphasized that his work on SFScope will be unaffected. "SFScope is very important to me, and its continual growth has been very encouraging. However, I'm reaching out to writers, reporters, and essayists who would like to contribute and build their writing resumes."

"Wearing his Fantastic Books hat, Strock said, "I still have several manuscripts waiting for me as an acquiring editor, and I promise to get to them very soon. I won't be looking at any new submissions until I've gone through those books and gotten up to speed with my new publishing duties. I'll make an announcement when I’m ready to start looking at new books."

The first book Strock bought when he started with Fantastic Books was "Fantastic Texas", so now it's the first book he's published. According to his blog:

"Fantastic Books has just published a wonderful collection by Lou Antonelli called Fantastic Texas. It's a mix of science fiction and fantasy set in the land the author loves: Texas. But not always this Texas."

The book is available now through the Barnes & Noble as well as Amazon web sites. I'm still waiting on my author copies, but hey, we're off!

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