Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh, and by the way

On Monday - my day off - I drove 450 miles round trip to Henryetta, Oklahoma, where my old Ford Taurus station wagon has been sitting since the transmission melted down while I was going to SoonerCon.

I cleaned out my personal effects. An old boy at the garage said he'd give me $100 for the car, but we couldn't get the title transferred because it was a legal holiday. I left him the title anyway, and told him to mail me the money. There was no way I am going to make that trip again.

I pretty much figure I'll never see the money, but I need to move on.

It was a good little car. I was proud that - after sitting there for four months - I turned the key and it started right up.

Not had a chance to get back to "Pirates" - to much cleanup at home in the wake of the monsoons.

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