Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Afraid this would happen

A few years ago I read, in an article about the potential effects of global warming, that Texas would stand to become wetter because of the increased evaporation from the Gulf of Mexico. In my story "The Rocket Powered Cat" I mentioned that the near-future Dallas had a pseudo-tropical humid climate, with a new growth forest growing up between it and Fort Worth.

Although the change hasn't affected other parts of Texas, here in East Texas it's kicked in. We've had four days this year of between four and eight inches of rain in six hours. We had almost six inches Tuesday. The garage flooded out for the fourth time this year (it has never done that before). Our house is on a hill, but the thunderstorms are so heavy the water simply can't run off fast enough.

The community infrastructure is beginning to crumble. There were 60 road closures yesterday in the county. A number of bridges and culverts have washed out. It's becoming hard to keep phone and cable lines in service. Texas doesn't design things for a monsoon climate.


  1. And yet in Alvin, down on the Gulf Coast, where it used to rain all the time, we've had a year or more of serious drought. This past week or so, we had the first real rain we've had in many months.

  2. Well, "global warming" is a misnomer. We're really looking at the weather getting more erratic, and it seems to be, both in Alvin and Mount Pleasant.

    Bad thing, I'm spending all my time at home cleaning up mud. I haven't been able to get back to "Pirates of the Ozarks".


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