Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Ones to Watch (yet again)

Adrian Simmons worked on the third annual installment of The Ones to Watch feature this past spring, but it hasn't been printed yet this year (it was printed during the spring of 2007 and 2008). A combination of factors have led to the delay.

He says it should finally run in IROSF in a month or two, and sent out the questions again, in case the participants wanted to revise them. I didn't bother to reference my previous answers, I just wrote up new ones from scratch.

Although I enjoy writing the s-f and fantasy, and I enjoy if other people like my stuff, I really feel I don't take it as seriously as a lot of my colleagues. If I had a forced choice, between working as a journalist and a fiction writer, I'd drop the fiction writing in a heartbeat. Maybe my opinion will change as I improve as a writer; honestly, I think I'm a good writer with great moments and stretches, but I'm not a consistently great writer.

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