Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More from FenCon

That photo of Howard and myself a couple of posts ago was taken by chum Keith West, like I said, after Howard’s FenCon reading Sunday. I thought it would be nice since my collection “Fantastic Texas” is going to be published soon, and Howard wrote the intro – a photo of us together at the time.
That is NOT Howard Waldrop in the photo with today’s post, that’s Rhonda Eudaly Simpson, as a Redhead of the Apocalypse, at the entrance to the Dealer’s Room. This was an interesting moment; that little girl and her mom had just walked in, and when the kiddo saw Rhonda – bunny slippers, scythe, and all – she jumped back and up against mommy, whom I think you can tell was a bit startled by the effect.
A bystander said, “Rhonda, you scared the kid!”
I said, “Well, Rhonda, you’d scare me!”

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