Sunday, September 06, 2009

Good news

Looks like I've finally recovered from that pinched nerve in my left hand. Adding plain aspirin to the anti-inflammatory drug I was taking seemed to have done the trick. My left forefinger feels almost normal - doesn't hurt any more, and I have almost 100 percent mobility back.

Being a two-finger typist didn't help the problem, and also - well, you've heard the expression about sticking out like a sore thumb? While the finger was numb, it got banged and jammed a few times because of being out of alignment with the other fingers. Something as simple as grabbing the steering wheel of the car became painful when you smash your finger into the wheel as the rest of your hand glides by.

I was able to keep up with work at the office, but I haven't done any writing at home recently.

I have to work some Monday to get a paper out on the streets, but the office is closed for business and we'll go home as soon as the presses roll, so I'll have most of the day off.

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  1. Lou,

    I suffered from Carpal Tunnel a few years ago, and after trying several conventional treatmenst that didn't work, my doctor had me try bowling gloves. The kind that keep your wrist absoutly stiff, and also provide a palm pad.

    I felt sill typing in the things, but they worked wonders, and my carpal tunnel disappeared entirely. Haven't had a flareup since.


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