Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Collaborative efforts

Because of recovering from this bout of carpal tunnel, I've not done any writing for a few weeks. I have, however, invested some time working on genre-related chores.

Ed Morris and I have collaborated on a few stories - two which have seen the light of day, "Off the Hook" which was published in Dark Recesses in Dec. 2007, and "Acroscaphe" which was published in Planetary Stories in Dec. 2008. There's another three we've worked on together, but I haven't had luck so far, so I mailed Ed my sheets out of my submissions log and turned them over for his fresh input.

Of these five stories, "Off the Hook" is the only one where Ed started and I finished; in these other cases, the first draft was mine, which is why I took the lead in submitting.

I expect Ed will bring a fresh perspective; I think some of these stories have some real potential, especially "Uncle Gumball Saves the World".

"Off the Hook" I recall as a picture perfect collaboration; Ed had a good central idea; I took a look, saw things he didn't, and slapped it all into shape. It's one of the stories I'm the most proud of.

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