Friday, May 29, 2009


I write s-f and fantasy for fun - it's not my real job - and so I don't make it into drudge work. I only sit down and write when I feel motivated or inspired. I don't need practice writing, with my "real" job being what it is.

I've had a story idea bouncing around in my brain for a few years, about the mysterious appearance of an otherworldly airship at a small East Texas airport during a vicious thunderstorm. For some reason, everything finally clicked in my sub-conscious and last night I sat down to write the story.

I finished a 2,700-word first draft by the time I went to bed. Tonight I fleshed it out a bit to 3,200 words, and read it to Patricia. She also liked it. It's a short, quick alternate history/fantasy read, and it will probably be ready to head for the slush piled on Monday.

Also, the story - "Great White Ship" - will probably be a good story to read at Soonercon.

Here's hoping.

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