Monday, March 23, 2009

The REAL Lou Antonelli?

While reviewing some of my recently published stories, I visited the forums at Ray Gun Revival and stumbled upon this exchange. The January issue was No. 50, which was - rightfully - cited as a milestone.

Then Lee S. King, Ray Gun Revival Overlord, continued:

"Ray Gun Revival has been - and still is! - proud to give new and upcoming writers a chance, but it's nice to know we're starting to gain the attention of more established writers as well.

"With that, I'd like to point out that Issue #50 has a story by Lou Antonelli in it: "The Silver Dollar Saucer."

"Yes, the Lou Antonelli!"

Here are the next few ensuing exchanges:

Alice - "I never heard of him before. But I remember the story. I thought it was funny and great. Especially look out for a reference to "coal."

Lee King again - "Well, there are so many authors of note out there, and many I've not heard of, or if I have, I haven't yet read their stuff. No way to keep up.

"But I did know of Lou Antonelli and when he joined the forum, I did a triple take, and even IMed Phy and asked, "Is that the REAL Lou Antonelli that just registered?" Sure enough.

"And I did love the story. The Slushmasters did too -- good thing for their puny planets!"

Crimed - "In Silver Dollar Saucer, i really liked how the author worked the Russian meteor explosion into it. I watched a documentary on that a while back."

Referring to the Tunguska explosion, of course.

Nice comments about the story, and I'm startled to realize that some people recognize my name and consider me an "established" author.

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  1. Get over your startlement, Mr. Antonelli. You are an "established" author. Overlord Lee has spoken. (Pay no attention to the dame behind the curtain.)


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