Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Good News for the Dead"

Had an exchange of emails today with Chris Fletcher at M-Brane SF. He's readying issue No. 3 to be released April 1, and I have a story in there. I submitted it under the title "Business as Usual" but yesterday I had an insight, and he's agreed to change the title to the above.
"Good News for the Dead" is a phrase I've stolen from an essay by Arthur Clarke. He was making light of The Reader's Digest propensity for unremittingly cheerful stories. It really fits, in light of the fact the story features zombies, and there is a Bible verse that figures prominently in the story.
For those out there with like, no, Christian background, "gospel" means "good news", so the title really fits.
Chris is really gung-ho on his new mag and it shows. I'm glad I'm able to help.

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